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Net Force Lab

Net Force

Net Force Vehicle

Purpose To investigate forces, computer programs, and mapping software used in physics by measuring the acceleration of a rubber band powered car and calculating the maximum net force produced when gradually increasing the mass of the car. Hypothesis There were three different hypotheses. One group hypothesized that the maximum net force would decrease when more […]


Welcome! Asalam alaykum dear brothers and sister. Welcome to Annoor Science Journal, a collaborative effort between Mr. Bretl’s 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes. If you are a student in Mr. Bretl’s class, this will be your journal to edit, publish, and get feedback from other students all over the world. If you are a […]

Abu Ali ibn Al-Haytham

8th Grade

Ibn Al-Haytham, a Muslim polymath and scientist, was born in 965 AD. He was born in the city of Basra in Iraq. At that time it was ruled by the Buyid Dynasty. He lived most of his life in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt was ruled by The Fatimid Caliphate. Ibn Al-Haytham thought he could control the […]